Save Your SuitCase – With The SuitCaseSaver!

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Luggage Cart - Suitcase Dolly
Luggage Cart - Suitcase Dolly


*** Luggage Cart/ Suitcase Dolly



*** 32 inch Collapsible Folding Handle.



*** Heavy Duty Dual (2) Wheels per column and EIGHT wheels total.



*** Adjustable Nylon Fastener included to secure your suitcase to the frame.



*** Your old Suitcase must be able to fit on top of wheeled platform and have at least 12 inches of space between the wheels.


*** Simply place Your Old Suitcase on top of the platform base.
*** Then adjust and clip on Nylon Fastener which has been included.
*** Your Suitcase is now SAVED! And is ready for YEARS more of Vacations and Travel!
*** Keep Your old Suitcase out of the Landfill and help save Resources and the Environment!


Why Buy a new Suitcase when all you need are new Wheels?


Reusing Your Old Suitcase also saves Natural Resources and reduces Pollution

Satisfaction guaranteed

If You're not completely Satisfied Return The Suitcase Saver within 30 days for a full refund!

Simple and Fast

Just place your old suitcase on top of the Suitcase Saver, adjust Nylon Strap, clip on and you're Done!